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        Parent University offers families a variety of FREE classes and workshops.Vista Academy recognizes the connection between student success and family engagement.  The “Parent University” was established to increase parental engagement and to contribute to the academic and social-emotional success of our school children and families.  The goals of Parent University include providing support for families so that they may achieve personal academic and non-academic goals, providing parents and families with the necessary resources to support their children’s emotional growth and development, and increasing the number of parents who feel positively connected to their child’s school. 
A sample of classes offered previously include:

  • Financial Literacy 

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Safety and First Aid

  • Resume Writing 

  • Summer Involvement 

  • Community Pantry 

  • Wellness with Brainpower 

  • Banking for Children 

  • Trade and Skills 

  • CPR


How do I attend the classes?

Registering for classes is easy!  You can register online by selecting the course and completing the form. Course offerings are available below.

Who can take classes?

Classes are available for Vista Academy parents and the East New York community.

Can my children attend classes with me?

Some classes are family-oriented where children are welcome; however, the majority of the classes are for adults.  Check the recommendation listed for each class.

Are translation services available?

Translation services are available during the classes. Please indicate the language preference on your registration form. 

Where can I attend the classes?

Classes will be offered via zoom. If there is an in person class, it will be at Vista Academy, 350 Linwood Street. 

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New Classes Available September 2022!

Check Back Soon

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