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Grade 6
Mr. Pichardo

Sixth grade science scholars engage in the The A+  STEM Lab program as part of the Brooklyn Pipeline schools.  This curriculum provides teachers with the tools to turn an empty classroom into a technology-based, multi-media learning environment.

Grade 7
Ms. Phillips

Seventh grade scholars engage in a dual curriculum, science and agriculture through a state of the art hydroponics lab. The lab includes hydroponic growing systems, a composting-station, a germination rack, and a integrated pest management station for pesticide-free maintenance. Hydroponics uses a mineral-based nutrient solution to nourish plants in a soil-less environment. In and active hydroponics system, this nutrient solution is re-circulated, passing over the roots several times.

Grade 8
Ms. Belizaire

Eighth grade scholars prepare for the State Science Test by exploring Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. 

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